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Originating in Taiwan in the 1980s Bubble Tea has grown in popularity worldwide, becoming a staple in major cities around the world.

In recent years, thousands of tea cafes have sprung up worldwide, attracting students of all ages.

Chewbrew was founded in 2018, in the heart of Dublin city. From creating Dublin’s first ever Bubble Tea Room, we quickly expanded to two further outlets in the premier shopping destinations, Dundrum Town Centre and Kildare Village.

Our fun and engaging brand creates a space where young people can spend time together and socialise.

A passion for Bubble Tea is at the core of our business, made properly with the real fruit juice, fresh milk and top quality teas.

Our business is built on providing a quality product that customers come back for again and again.

We reinforce this by creating memorable experiences through our brand and environmental design. We create fun and vibrant spaces that draw customers in, and inspire them to share their experience with others.

Our Values

Dedication to quality Bubble Teas
Always create a fun and memorable experience
We strive to spread the bubble love

Size doesn’t matter!

The simplicity of the Chewbrew offer makes it incredibly versatile, so whatever the size of your space, we can work with you. Chewbrew is scalable and works from a small kiosk type offer all the way up to a large flagship outlet. So if you have a space and a passion for brewing great bubble tea, get in touch with us for more information.

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